Scope :
logo + visual identity
package design

Client :
Pointer Pharma

BioRescue is a brand that specializes in pet skin health care. Its primary ingredient is extracted from Totara Trees native to New Zealand, which contains a natural organic antiseptic called 'Totarol'. Totarol is known to have soothing properties that can alleviate irritation and infection in the skin. It provides a natural therapy for the skin, helping to prevent infections, promote healing, protect the skin, and aid in speedy recovery.

Through designing the logo, visual identity, and packaging, we aim to make the brand sharp and clear.


The logotype for Biorescue has been designed without a separate mark. Taking into account the size of the rectangular box, the logotype has been designed to be tall and condensed. This allows for it to be prominently displayed on the front of the box, catching the attention of viewers. The Chinese version of the logo has been designed to be taller in order to match the height of the English version.