ecoly PET

Scope :
Branding + Package + Illustration

Client :
Pointers Pharma

We have been invited to establish a new brand and design its logo and packaging.
ecoly PET is a pet shampoo with a deep cleansing and refreshing formula infused with eucalyptus. The client desires to create a strong image for ecoly PET.


To create an impressive image, we have designed the logo type with an elegant and italic structure. To highlight the use of natural raw materials, we have incorporated hand-written strokes using charcoal, which enhances the harmonious and impactful visual identity for the brand.


ecoly PET offers two products specifically formulated for different types of pet skin. To differentiate between the two products, we have utilized black and white color schemes, along with the representation of a corgi and a pug. These visual elements serve to clearly distinguish the products and cater to their respective target audiences. Moreover, we have placed an eye-catching logo on the top of each bottle to enhance the personality and brand recognition of ecoly PET.