Scope :
Package + Visual Identity + Leaflet

Client :
Pointers Pharma

Bottle label and outer box packaging design for KiwiVital’s second product, Enzoboost.

Enzoboost is extracted from pine bark in New Zealand and then ground into a powder that is easy for dogs and cats to absorb. Enzoboost promotes brain neurotransmission, calm pet’s moods to reduce stressful behaviours and helps to slow cognitive decline.


In the bottle label design, we followed KiwiVital’s grid system, where the left side displays the product’s function and the right side features the product’s label. We identified Enzoboost with the color maroon, which represents the color of pine bark powder.

For the outer box design, we placed a photo of the powder in the middle to draw attention to Enzoboost and to inform customers about the product.