Scope :
Brand design
Website design

Client :
Eugo Group B.V.

A project was initiated to create a name, design the brand identity and a website for a new sub-brand established by the worldwide hardware supplier Eugo Group B.V. As a Dutch ICT hardware supplier company, Eugo Group B.V. trades in famous brands of computer components and has also started a project to produce 'All-in-One PCs' specifically designed to meet the needs of the education industry.


The naming idea for the sub-brand came from the Dutch word for 'Education', which is 'Onderwijs'. We took out the second half of the word, 'Wijs', which means 'Wisdom', and combined it with 'com' for computer, resulting in the name 'Wijscom'.


In the logo design, we modified the letter 'W' to resemble a half-opened book, which represents the idea of 'beginning to open up wisdom'. The book also symbolizes the concept of education. The brand colors are Dutch orange and blue.