Rethink Plastic

Scope :
logo + visual identity
web design + development

Client :
Green Earth


Abandoned plastic has been a serious polluted problem, many were found in the beach and the coast. "Rethink Plastic" is a campaign to introduce the sea waste found in order to raise public awareness.



From the "collection" of the plastics, we found that the blue slipper gives a strong impact of the damage to the nature.

Thus we use it as a element to create the visual identity of "Rethink Plastic" campaign.


The website will also used as a teaching material for primary school. Therefore we have designed different interactive game for each of the sea waste to make it attractable for students.


We totally created 9 little interactive games to introduce the topics.


Detail info will be shown after the mini game.



We created a series of media post for the Green Earth.