Barwo Academy

Scope :
Website design

Client :
Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong


Barwo 「八和會館」, has been the preeminent professional Cantonese opera guild since its inception over a hundred and thirty years ago. In 1979, it established Barwo Academy to train the new generations. We have been invited to design a new website that will provide online application, class informations, activity updates, and historical background.


With a large amount of information contained on the website, the design approach is to divide the homepage into different blocks to create clear categories. This allows viewers to easily navigate to the specific section they are interested in with just one click. This design ensures that viewers can quickly access the desired information as soon as they open the page, providing a user-friendly experience.


We have intentionally positioned the menu on the left side of the website, and its content will vary depending on the user's level or section they are accessing. This design choice ensures that the menu remains consistent and easily accessible throughout the website, allowing users to navigate through different levels or sections seamlessly.