Story House

Scope :
Website design

Client :
S.K.H. Holy Carpenter Church
Big Hug Studio

Interview & Copywriter
Big Hug Studio


A blog website is being created for S.K.H. Holy Carpenter Church (HCC) to share the stories of children who suffer from incurable diseases and the difficulties their families face. HCC provides hospice services for dying patients, and in 2019, they founded ‘友晴同路’ - a program designed to care for critically ill children, youth, and their families’ mind, body and soul.

HCC set up an online program called ‘Story House’. In this program, they have entrusted reporters to visit each case under the service of ‘友晴同路’, and upload the articles to ‘Story House’ for the public to view. We have been invited to cooperate with the reporters to provide art direction and design the website’s exploring experience. We hope to create a website that exudes a warm and cordial feeling for people, and conveys the message that ‘palliative care is not scary’.


Palliative care is specialized medical care for people living with a serious illness. Address their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

A lot of graphics and warm color is used in the website.


We create a mascot as a buddy who accompany the illness path of the children.