Scope :
Logo + Visual Identity + Package + Illustration

Client :

Why not take a tasteful holiday?

Day*Off is a craft beer brand established by a group of young people. They hope that customers can leisurely enjoy Day*Off and experience a vacation-like feeling. Their first product is made from dried figs and brewed into a sweet and tangy fig cider, which is particularly suitable for women to taste.


The brand visual of Day*Off leans towards a strong and distinctive style. The logotype features bold and contrasting strokes, with thick and curvy letter structures. Deliberate bends and hooks are incorporated into the details, aiming to give the impression of a young and innovative brand.

The packaging design includes a lazy cat to represent Day*Off, symbolizing relaxation and connecting it with future packaging designs. This enhances the brand image, expands visual development possibilities, and complements the sweet and tangy taste of the cider with vibrant colors.