Hike in Lantau, Cherish Lantau

Scope :
Logo + Visual Identity + Website + Develop

Client :
The Green Earth


Logo, identity and website design for Hike In Lantau, Cherish Lantau, an online trail resources on Lantau Island that uses approachable visual to promote conservation of nature and the concept of 'leave no trace'.


The logo mark is composed of three triangles that imitate the shape of Lantau Island. The bottom blue triangle represent the sea, emphasising the concept of an ‘island’. The two triangles above it are combined with a curved line on the right side to depict trail.

Using these three triangles, we create a triangular gird that run through the visual system, including patterns, illustrations and media posts.


The Green Earth recommends a total of eight trails on Lantau Island for this program. They want to develop a welcoming website to attract hikers and educate them on the concept of ‘Leave No Trace’ when exploring the trails.