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Hike in Lantau, Cherish Lantau

Scope :
Logo + Visual Identity + Website + Develop

Client :
The Green Earth

Barwo Academy

Scope :
Website design

Client :
Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong

We believe

Design is one of the ways to find out and solve problems in the high competitive and complex commercial society.

6inches helps client identify a high-level concept of the brand. We dig out what you need, and what drives you, clarify the question, target and problem, go from an abstract idea or inspiration into concrete visual, to provide an appropriate basis and design solution for smoother communication.

We strive to provide clients tailored solutions, like the meaning of 6inches - greater comfort intimate distance between individuals.

Theory behind 6inches

What is a good design? as a studio who provide design service, more important to us is to produce right creative for the clients. "if it doesn't sell, it isn't creative". A good design should not measured by how beautiful, but by whether it's suitable for our clients and makes their project more effective. And that's where "6 inches" come from, a comfortable intimate distance between people.